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Since knowledge is key in sugar trade, ASSUC priority is to offer its members valuable insights into the EU policy making. The information provided range from updates on EU legislation and on decisions from the Sugar Management Committee to specific technical details.

Based in Brussels, ASSUC is part of a well-established and trusted network which enables access to first-hand updates on any decisions taken.

In addition to EU agriculture, trade and custom policies, ASSUC informs its members on other key policy areas relevant for the trade such as new EU rules on VAT or regulations on financial and derivatives markets.
The association also monitors international fora such as the WTO and G20.


ASSUC is representative body for traders of sugar. In the interest of its members and in cooperation with the EU intuitions and other stakeholders, ASSUC activities focus on continuously improving technical details of EU policies in order to promote a well-functioning sugar market within the political ramifications.


EU Sugar Trade is characterised by complex and detailed technical rules. ASSUC members receive technical clarification their inquiries.

ASSUC also help other stakeholders and EU institutions to develop a better understanding of the market.