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Inside This Issue:

  1. 2017: Form A certificates to be replaced by self-certification from registered exporters
  2. “A soft landing for ACP sugar producers on the termination of EU sugar production quotas”
  3. Kenya back on duty free and quota free access to the EU market
  4. EU -South African EPA: legal scrubbing & co-mingling
  5. Andean Trade Committee and European Parliament discuss EU-Ecuador trade deal
  6. EU asks for reassurances of Mercosur’s ambition in possible trade talks
  7. EU-Cuba: Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement
  8. EU and Mexico seek to upgrade their trade agreement
  9. EU and Turkey announce modernisation of Custom Union
  10. Future EU Trade Strategy in progress
  11. CAP Simplification a top priority for 2015
  12. Commission proposes to extend the International Sugar Agreement
  13. EU Member States free to allow genetically modified crops for cultivation
  14. UK Referendum: cane sugar import duties in the press
  15. Commission recommends voluntary origin labelling -not mandatory
  16. On-going discussions by the EU institutions on the future Organic Regulation
  17. Commission statistical factsheets on agriculture in the EU and Member States
  18. Commission report: Trade and investment barriers persist despite prospects of global recovery
  19. Short-term outlook for EU arable crops, dairy and meat markets
  20. OECD – FAO expect stronger production, lower prices over coming decade