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ASSUC Newsletter December 2014

ASSUC Newsletter – Dec 2014

1st page available for free! – Become a member to receive the Full Newsletter. Inside This Issue: 1. Advocate General recommends Tate & Lyle suit against Commission admissible to CJEU 2. EU prolongs trade preferences for Ukraine 3. New European Commission takes office 4. Free EU market access again for Kenya probably from 25 January […]

ASSUC Annual Report 2013

ASSUC Annual Report 2013

“I have great pleasure in presenting the 2014 ASSUC Annual Report. Our Association has had another busy year, the highlight of which continues to be the wealth of news, reports, data and analysis gleaned from the European institutions and other sources concerning, for example, the European Commission’s management of the EU sugar markets, the negotiation and […]

New Assuc Brochure

New ASSUC brochure!

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