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ASSUC is the European Association of Sugar Traders. It provides regular information on EU regulatory changes and direct updates on the sugar market management in the EU to its members. Through its membership, ASSUC represents over 60 companies  in 16 EU Member States.

What we do?

  • Provide insights and expertise on EU regulations and policies
  • Liaise with EU institutions and stakeholders to support a sound EU regulatory environment
  • Connect people and knowledge



Founded in 1959, ASSUC is a non-profit making international association (AISBL) established under Belgian law.

  • The main body is the General Assembly where all the major decisions are taken. It is open to all members and meets once a year in Brussels
  • The board is accountable for management of the association. Board members, including the President, Vice-President and Treasurer meet four times a year and are annually elected by the General Assembly
  • The ASSUC secretariat is based in Brussels and ensures the day-to-day management and the recollection of information to members as well as the outside representation of the organisation.